"Alarmed Sue got a silly soaking"

A brief article, with a nice picture of Sue, from the Sun of October 22, 1988. Sue describes a mishap which occurred while filming an episode of The Benny Hill Show.

"The Angel Who Fell"

A very short article, from the Daily Mirror of August 29, 1983. Benny's visit with Sue in the hospital while pregnant with one of her children, and mention of an upcoming comic role for Sue.

"Angels' Delight"

From the TV Times, April 22 - 29, 1988. Sue and fellow Angels Zoe Bryant, Liz Jobling, and Miki Harvey model clingy, brightly-colored late-80s fashions, and talk about their taste in clothes. Benny appears with them as well. (Photos from this article can be found on the Photo Scans page.)

"Another Fine Sketch You've Got Me Into, Benny!"

From the TV Times of April 1, 1989. Sue talks about Benny's friendship with her and her family, and the forthcoming (at the time) "Laurel and Hardy" sketch. Click here for a scan of this article.

"Benny and the Birds"

From Revue magazine, June 14, 1980. Sue and some of the other Angels talk about filming The Benny Hill Show - specifically about costumes and costume-related mishaps.

"Benny mocks a shocker"

From the Daily Mirror, April 16, 1980. A small clip, with a picture of Sue, to publicize that evening's brand-new Benny Hill Show - including Sue's appearance in the famous "1994" sketch, referred to here as Benny's "own version of the shower scene from the Hitchcock film shocker 'Psycho'".

"Benny's Surrounded by Goodies, But Doesn't Eat Any Himself"

From a 1984 issue of Dutch magazine Aktueel. A big, beautiful photo of Sue in a black dress, with a few words about her and a few brief quotes by her. An English translation of the text is included.

"Gorgeous Grannie"

From Tidbits magazine (misspelling intentional to get around censoring software), March 29, 1980. A sexy black-and-white picture of Sue, with an inset of her in character as Wondergran, and a few paragraphs of text about Sue and her work both on and away from The Benny Hill Show.

"A Hill Of A Guy!"

This long article, from The Sun of July 13, 1989, is a charming description of Benny's visits to Sue's home and his relationship with her family. Much of the article is in Sue's own words.

"The Hill's angel"

A small excerpt from what seems to be a much larger article (from the Weekend section of the Daily Mail, July 15, 2000) about The Lipstick Years, a BBC mini-series about women in television. Sue discusses her background and audition with Benny, Benny as a person and their relationship, and the effect of his death on the Angels' careers.

"Hill's Angels"

From the Australasian Post, April 10, 1980. Benny, costume designer Louise Walker, and choreographer Linda Finch talk about his criteria for choosing the Angels. Sue, Leigh Miles, Bob Todd, and Jenny Lee-Wright are all quoted.

"Hill's Angels Rule OK!"

From Celebrity Magazine, July 31st - August 6th, 1986. Benny talks about the Angels, his decision to add them to the show, and his working relationships with them. Sue, Anne Brusac, Sue Bond and Leigh Miles are quoted, discussing their experiences working on the show.

"Hill's Tiny Angels"

From The Sun, March 30, 1989. Sue discusses her children's work on The Benny Hill Show and their friendship with Benny.

"Last laugh goes to Benny's tune"

From the Daily Star on Sunday, September 20, 2015. Garry Bushell, one of Benny's most stalwart defenders in the British media, wrote this article about the documentary The Sounds of ITV, in which Sue appeared and in which Yakety Sax was named the most memorable of all ITV theme tunes.

"My Kind Of Girl: Sue Upton"

From Tidbits, May 1982. A picture of Sue, printed in response to a reader's request, with a little information about her charity work for muscular dystrophy.

"Sue in The Stage"

From The Stage, July 2, 1981. A clipping about Sue's appearance at "the Tenth Anniversary Kinton Gala," a variety performance for charity.

"Sue's in demand"

From The Weekly News, February 16, 1980. A small publicity blurb.

"We Were Hill's Angels"

From the Daily Mail, February 19, 1998. Sue; dancer and Angels' choreographer Libby Roberts; and early-seventies performer Yvonne Paul talk to mid-seventies Benny Hill Show performer, Cherri Gilham.

Cherri herself has sent me scans of the original two-page article. Click here for the first page; click here for the second page. My thanks to her for the scans.

"Why Saucy Benny Likes His Beauties with Brains"

From Weekend magazine, October 1982. Benny discusses what he looks for in prospective Hill's Angels; Sue and Clare Smalley are quoted; and Benny talks about his inspiration for The Benny Hill Show.

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