From Aktueel, Issue 43 (1984)

Sue Upton

Sue Upton is "typically English."

Just like all the other Benny Hill girls, she's uncomplicated and doesn't scream for help if you give her a friendly pat on the buttocks. That's what men like and from there comes her success.

Blonde Sue is thirty years of age and has a son of one-and-a-half years old. She is the only one that is after seven years still a part of the Benny Hill show. All the other girls were replaced after a few seasons because the master found even more beautiful girls or just had enough of them.

"Why could I stay?" says Sue with big eyes. "I don't know the exact reason, but in a way I've always been his darling."

Benny Hill seldom picks his girls off the street, but selects them at the big London model agencies that charge about 250 guilders an hour!

Despite her work with Hill, Sue is still on the list of one of the agencies. She is a much wanted "hand- and footmodel".

Sue says about the rumours that surround Benny Hill, that he's an old rake, he takes advantage of the girls in his show, he's gay: "Ridiculous! Benny is a man as many others, he likes to go out with a young girl. What's wrong with that and why should a man that doesn't marry be gay? And when you eat in a restaurant together with more than one girl, you don't have to be a pervert. People are just gossiping."

Translation: Maurice de Saxe.
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