From the Daily Mirror,August 29, 1983

"The Angel Who Fell"

by Patricia Smyllie

Sexy dancer Sue Upton, one of Benny Hill's scantily-clad angels for the last eight years, is known affectionately to the comic as "mum"..

She lived up to her mother-figure image during the making of the special compilation of Benny Hill (ITV 8.0) ... by turning up for the filming five months pregnant.

Sue said: "Benny was very sweet when I was having my baby in hospital. He came early and spent the whole of the visiting hours with me.

"Everyone was amazed when they saw him."

Off stage, Benny's "very kind and charming", said Sue, who added: "He always calls me mum. When I phone him I always say, hello Benny, it's mum here."

The comedian says he has a new role for her in the series which begins filming next month. He wants her to play a character called Ma Baker.

"I think he must be trying to pull my leg - the lovely man," laughed Sue.