From the TV Times, April 22 - 29, 1988

"Angels' Delight"

Funny man Benny Hill welcomes back curves when his Hill's Angels go off the straight and narrow at the start of a new series of 'The Benny Hill Show'. For this fashion special, TVTimes's clothes expert Janet Impey kitted out four of the girls in the latest shapely creations in stretchy fabrics and brilliant colours that attract the eye, while Adrian Bradbury caught them on film

Close encounters of the curvy kind are what gives Benny Hill a twinkle in his eye. With his entourage of Hill's Angels he was like a man inspired when he posed for our photographer, cracking one-liners and making unprintable suggestions in his own inimitable way!

Since fashion has decreed that curves are back in favour, it's no surprise that Benny gives the Lycra-look his full approval. From boob tubes to skimpy skirts, they'll soon be seen on anyone who's not afraid to show off a good figure. In this respect, The Benny Hill Show (ITV, Wednesday) could be said to be ahead of fashion... the Hill's Angels don't have the sort of figures that are kept under wraps.

'A Hill's Angel doesn't have to be fantastically beautiful, but she must be pleasing to the eye, vivacious and talented,' says Benny.

Sue Upton fits the bill perfectly and has appeared with Benny in countless shows. 'The only problem is that I seem always to portray the granny characters,' she laughs, 'so I'm grateful for a chance to show myself as I really am. I never mind wearing tight, bright clothes, but in reality I'm a mum so, at home, I wear more practical clothes, geared to coping with small children.'

In contrast, Zoe Bryant loves the clingy styles for everyday wear and makes a point of searching out fashionable frocks in London's trendy shops. 'I'm very much in tune with colourful, stretchy clothes,' she confirms.

Liz Jobling shies away from bright colours and, although happy to wear such eye-catching clothes for our photos and for her work, wouldn't dream of wearing them in her private life. 'I'm very much a jeans and jumpers girl,' she says.

Miki Harvey would look good in an old sack, but naturally prefers a good cross-section of clothes which do more for her attractive figure. 'I occasionally buy very expensive classics like Chanel, but I like to mix them up with fun fashions,' she says. 'Clothes that show off a woman's figure are never out of fashion.'

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