Sue Upton is no doubt best-known, best-remembered, and best-loved by her fans for her many appearances on The Benny Hill Show.This page is my attempt to catalog all her appearances on the show from 1977 through 1983. (For the second page, covering 1984 through 1991, click here.)

These years see Sue's debut, her rapid rise in status to a valued member of Benny's stock company, many various roles acting in comedy sketches (including her favorite character, Wondergran) - and of course, most of her unforgettable appearances as a founding member of Hill's Angels.

Show Number and Airdate Role(s) Sketch(es)
Show #29:
Jan. 26, 1977
Blonde in Bed; Benny's Girl; Violinist; Blonde Hitchhiker
Benny's Crush
"Nor Iron Bars a Cage...!"
The Bionic Baby
Show #30:
Feb. 23, 1977
Frisbee Girl; Brunette Girl Guide Scouts & Guides Annual Fete
Show #33:
Dec. 26, 1978
Dancer and Vocals
Spectator; Old Lady; Benny's Nurse
Modest Beach Girl
Benny's Date
Disco Dancer
The Hulas
Benny's Song: "Coconut Milk"
Grand Wheelchair Rally
Holiday at Dimton-on-Sea
Quickie: Separate Checks, Please!
Friday Night Fever
Show #34:
Mar. 14, 1979
Girl in Red Dress
Waiting Room Patient
Quiz Assistant
Dancer (Schoolgirl)
Benny's Song: "Benny's Place"
Quickie: Georgie Pest
The National Health
Leprechaun TV: Masterbrane
Hot Gossamer (aka "Naughty Bits")
Wondergran Meets Dracula
Show #35:
Apr. 25, 1979
Schoolgirl; Union Jack Girl
Girl with Frilly Knickers
Bikini Girl on Ship
Embarrassed Runner; Policewoman
Benny's Spanish Ballad: "Maria"
Quickie: Sue Sells Soap
Quickie: Super Soar-Away Sum
Fred Scuttle's International TV Festival
Cheapo Films Presents: The Police Raid...
The Race
Show #36:
Feb. 6, 1980
Captured Noblewoman
Wedding Night Actress
Hill's Angel
Sue Updyke
Hockey Player; Soccer Spectator
Café Patron; Assassin; Bicyclist
The Scarlet Pimple
Hollywood Grates: Chubby Dodds
Hill's Angels Grand Gala
Women's Lib TV: Sale of the Century
Women's Lib TV: Sport with Debbie Davison
Women's Lib TV: Charlene's Angels
Show #37:
Mar. 5, 1980
Country Girl
Blonde in Painting
Hill's Angel/Singer
Pub Wench; Castle Serving Girl
Olivia Newton-Thudd
Village Girl
Hill's Angel
Benny's Song: "Johnny Boy"
Art Gallery Munchies
Madame Louise Summer Collection
Chirpy Chuckles, Medieval Jester
The Fudpuckers
Bruce Cafferty & the Fundance Kid
Hill's Angels Climax
Show #38:
Apr. 16, 1980
Girl in Blue Dress
Benny's Daughter
Balloon Girl/Window Shopper/Hill's Angel
Benny's Date
Country Girl
Benny's Ballad: "The Meaning of Love"
"New York, New York"
Quickie: The Caviar Dinner
The Three Musketeers
Show #39:
Jan. 7, 1981
Gypsy Girl
Girl in Bath; Nurse
Hill's Angel
Wondergran; Patient
Benny's Gypsy Ballad: "Maria"
The Loser
The Circus
Runaway with Hill's Angels
Wondergran Meets Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyde
Show #40:
Feb. 11, 1981
Farm Girl
Girl in Red Lingerie
Hill's Angel
Hill's Angel
Hill's Angel
Girl in Red Suit
Man on Corner
Girl in Sauna
Benny's Song: "Down on the Farm"
Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade
The Poster Girl
"Keep Young and Beautiful"
"An Occasional Man"
"Ease On Down the Road"
Quickie: Flasher Judging
The She-Hulk
Undercover Sanitary Inspector
Show #41:
Mar. 25, 1981
Benny's Mistress
Georgian Dancer
Little Old Lady
Hill's Angel
Squire's Daughter
Benny's Song: "The Lovely Girls from Crete"
Quickie: Blizzard Tonight
The Georgian Dancers
Big Poppa
Remote Control Hill's Angels
Man Wanted
Show #42:
Jan. 6, 1982
Hill's Angel
Hill's Angel
Chorus Girl
Blonde Nolan Sister
"Black Theatre Group" Actress
Benny's Song: "Paradise Island"
Hotel Splendide (Angels' Pool Dance)
"(This Will Be) An Everlasting Love"
The Monte Carbolic Show
The Monte Carbolic Show
The Monte Carbolic Show
Show #43:
Feb. 10, 1982
Dancer and Vocals
Twirling Passerby
Hill's Angel
Meter Maid
Hill's Angel
Benny's Song: "Unlucky Luke"
Little Dimpton Street Party
Angels' Street Dance in Red
Meter Maids' Cancan
Virtual Striptease
Show #44:
Jan. 5, 1983
Lifeguard/Backing Vocals
Hill's Angel; Waitress
Hill's Angel
Flamenco Dancer
Wanda's Guard
Benny's Song: "The Lifeguards"
Angels' Cruise Liner: Keep Fit
Angels' Liner: "Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi"
Angels' Cruise Liner: "Casanova"
Show #45:
Mar. 16, 1983
Dancer and Vocals
Mrs. Updyke
Loose Panties Girl; Audience
Sales Assistant
Benny's Song: "The Gay Caballero"
Hill's Angels: Wild Wild West
A Clown In Town

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