This page catalogs Sue's appearances on The Benny Hill Show from 1984 through 1991. (To return to the first page, covering 1977 through 1983, click here.)

During these years, Sue was featured mainly in Benny's comedy sketches, although she made her last few appearances as a Hill's Angel as well. Probably Sue's best piece of acting, her perceptive and affectionate mimicry of Stan Laurel in the sketch I've labeled "Sue Laurel & Benny Hardy," comes from this time.

Show Number and Airdate Role(s) Sketch(es)
Show #46:
Jan. 16, 1984
Little Old Lady
Dancer; Seated Girl; Onstage Maid
Ma McNee
Benny's Song: "Home For the Summer"
Club Bizarre
Fingers McNee
Show #47:
Apr. 25, 1984
Backing Vocals; Frisbee Girl
Hill's Angel
Unfaithful Wife
Opening Titles Dancer
The Vagabond
Hill's Angels Aerobics
Quickie: Heard Someone Praying
The Hot Shoe Show
St. John Thomas' Hospital Opening
Show #48:
Jan. 2, 1985
Benny's Unfaithful Wife
Coatcheck Maid; Henry's Date
A History Lesson
A Night at Benito's
Closing Credits
Show #49:
Apr. 8, 1985
Little Old Lady
Little Old Lady
Poster Girl; Calisthenics Girl
Blonde at Bar
Benny's Ballad: "What a World"
A Big Hand!
Benito's Beach Café
Oddballs Club Cabaret
Show #50:
May 27, 1985
Girl in Background
Little Old Lady
Quickie: The Cheeky Parrot
Benny's Song: "Costa Coco"
The Weather Hut
Dibble's Health Farm
Show #51:
Mar. 12, 1986
Girl in Gold Dress
Audience Passerby
Target Umbrella Girl
Benny's Song: "A Girl in Every Port"
Hill's Angels: "Chez When"
R. Dibble, Handyman
Show #52:
Mar. 31, 1986
Backing Singer
Passion Flower Hotel Girl
Café Violinist
Fräulein Diane
Medley: "Benny's Greatest Hits"
Living the Dream
Hill's Angels: "Come to the Cabaret"
European Television
Show #53:
April 16, 1986
American Beauty Queen Bijou Burlesque
Show #54:
Jan. 13, 1988
Gangster's Moll
Saloon Girl
Playgirl Club Guest
Little Old Lady; Biker Mum
Brooklyn Benny
The Halitosis Kid
Hill's Angels: A Night on the Tiles
National Smile Week
Show #55:
Apr. 27, 1988
Richard's Mum
Little Old Lady
Café Patron
Woman in Elevator
Quickie: Misheard & Mistaken
Have a Butcher's
Club Chic-a-Go-Go
Quickies: Misheard & Mistaken II
Show #56:
Feb. 8, 1989
Little Old Lady (Fiddler)
Richard's Mum
Pregnant Woman
Ballad: Cockney Lads & Rustic Lasses
Hill's Little Angels: The Birthday Party
The After-Dinner-Speech Dinner
Quickie: Next Thursday
Show #57:
Apr. 5, 1989
Ticket Taker
Girl in Background
Richard's Mum
Viking-Era Woman
Dinner Party Guest
Hill's Angel
"Good Cheap Overnight Bag"
Stan Laurel
Little Old Lady
Scuttle's Circus
Benny's Ballad: "Anna Marie"
Quickie: Four or Five?
Heroes Through the Ages
Chow Mein's Home Catering
Hill's Angels Photocall
Street Scenes
Sue Laurel & Benny Hardy
Hill's Angels German Cabaret
Show #58:
May 1, 1989
Backing Singer
Breastfeeding Mum
Tennis Girl
Benny's Ballad: "Pepy's Diary"
The Good Guys
TV Show Titles: The Bill
Quickie: You're Next!
The Scots Schoolmaster
Hill's Little Angels: Gone Fishing
Benny Hill's
World Tour:
New York!
May 30, 1991
Miss Jones
Director's Assistant
Choir Member (Nurse)
Quickie: The Bank Robbery
Chow Mein's Audition
Common Cold Research Center Choir

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