Over the years, my collection of photos of Sue has become too big to comfortably fit on one page.
Therefore, I've arranged them into the six categories in this table, and given each category its own sub-page.

The Benny Hill Show

Publicity photos, magazine covers, etc.,
directly related to Sue's work with Benny.

Sue's Other Work

Modeling photos and composites, publicity photos, etc.,
from elsewhere in Sue's showbiz career.

Sue's Holiday Snaps

Pictures taken of and by Sue,
in her various travels.

The Sue Upton Collection

Sue's gift to me in 2007.

Sue and I

Photos from my various visits with Sue.

Sue's Odds and Ends

If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it's here.

Any more pictures of Sue? Email Erik Larsen.

This page created June 9, 2017.