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A Present From Sue

A big, beautiful signed picture, and a wonderful present!

Sue's Starry Night

Tony Frederick sent this wonderfully evocative,
digitally-enhanced version of the above picture.

Caution: Soft Shoulders Ahead

Sue models the sexy, off-the-shoulders dress (together with her trademark "S" pendant) also seen in "Saucy Sue," below.

Cool Blue Sue

Either the photographer used a special filter for these photos of Sue, or it was very cold in the studio that day!

"Doctor Zhivago, I Presume?"

Modeling a Russian-style fur hat, Sue channels her inner Julie Christie - or is it Twiggy?

Four "Pennies" For Sue

Four of Sue's modeling cards from her erstwhile agency, Penny Personal Management.

The Girl Next Door (I Wish)

An early modeling composite of Sue, in which she epitomizes the ideal, sexy, and sweet girl next door.

Hug a Hoodie (If It's Sue, That Is)

From the 1979 annual issue of girls' comic book Diana, Sue models a comfy-looking white hooded sweater.

Marlene the Moll

From an Australian poster for What's Up Superdoc!, Sue as gang moll Marlene.

Misty Angel

Sue suggested the title for this photo herself. Of it, she writes:
"I was a hair model for a London hair salon, and had my hair done free in exchange for them taking pics which they displayed in the salon window."

A Penny For Sue's Autograph,
or, 86-58-86

One of Sue's modeling composite cards, from her erstwhile agency Penny Personal Management, signed by her.
Includes her measurements in both metric units (left) and English units (right).

A Penny For Sue's Autograph, Revisited

Another of Sue's modeling composite cards, signed by her to a different fan.

The Purple Nightie

From the collection of photo bureau Rex Features:
Sue models a sexy purple nightie with matching panties.

"S" is for Sue, Sexy, and Sensational!

Sue models her trademark "S" pendant, and not much else, in this outstanding glamour shot.
Courtesy of and thanks to Rex Features.

"Saucy Sue"

Sue kicks up her heels, in this press photo from 1980.
Click here to read the promotional blurb on the back of the picture.

See-Through Sue, or, The Thighs Have It!

Sue shows us almost all the leg she's got, and a tantalizingly-veiled glimpse of her pert bosom as well!

Sepia Sue

The sepia tone of this photo gives a lovely, nostalgic effect.

"Spotlights" on Sue

Four photos of Sue from the "Spotlight" casting directory. From left to right: 1979, 1980, 1982, and 1986.

Starlet Sue

As a young, innocent-looking starlet, Sue smiles into her bright future.

Strawberry-Blonde Sue

From Sue's collection: a very rare publicity photo of her as a strawberry-blonde.

"Sue in the Spotlight"

Sue's publicity photo from the 1977/78 issue of Spotlight,
an annual reference book used in TV, movie, and theatrical casting.
Thanks to Shaqui for the scan.

Sue Outdoors

Also from Rex Features: two beautiful shots of Sue in the great outdoors.

Sue Serves Saucy Spuds

A very rare print ad for the short-lived consumer product, Crosse & Blackwell Saucy Spuds.
(The Saucy Spuds TV ad can be seen here.)

Sue, the "Supporting" Actress

Together with the other lovelies from Confessions From a Holiday Camp,
Sue (third from left, in striped bikini bottom) provides shapely support to star, Robin Askwith.

Sue's "Confessions" T-Shirt

Sue wears her "confessions" on her chest…
in the form of a T-shirt given to all the cast members of Confessions From a Holiday Camp.

Sue's Miscellaneous Modeling

Some assorted and diverse shots from Sue's modeling career.

Sue's "Model" Behavior

Sue models a sexy white top in the "My Guy" clothing catalog from 1978.
Thanks to Simon Bewick for the scan.

Sue's Smile

A beautiful, wide-eyed yet demure smile from Sue.

Sweater Girl Sue

Sue models a warm, comfy-looking white rollneck sweater.

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