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Benny and Sue: The Woodcut

Another creation from the prolific David Hawkins: this woodcut-style double portrait of Benny and Sue.

An English Rose

To celebrate Sue's birthday on November 9, 2018, David Hawkins created this birthday-present collage.

Happy Halloween From Sue

Dave Hawkins created this Halloween collage of Sue. No trick here, just a treat!

The Hill's Angels

William Uchtman, founder of and lead contributor to The Benny Hill Show Wikia, created this collage of the Angels.
He gave Sue, the arch-Angel, her well-deserved due by placing her directly in the center of this panoply of pulchritude.

Join the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade

David Hawkins created this recruiting poster for the LTVFB, featuring Sue in a "cheeky" pose.

Sue Gets Animated

Thomas Mitchell, a new contributor to this site, used the Remini app to create these animations of Sue.
Thanks to him!

Sue's Birthday Collage

Another collage by Dave Hawkins, created as a birthday present to Sue.

Sue's Dance Studio

Artist DaleCar and I collaborated on this fantasy portrait of Sue, in her private Art Deco dance studio.

Sue's Pinup Peril

Sue's service in the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade has inspired artist Bikerbloke to create this drawing, imagining this scene took a long time to shoot.

Visions of Sue
(or, She's Got the Look)

Another collage by David Hawkins, featuring some of Sue's provocative looks into the camera:
some sexy and straight-on, some teasingly and temptingly aside.

Wanted: Ma Baker

Another of David Hawkins' creations: a Wanted poster offering £25,000 reward for the capture of Sue's character, criminal mastermind Ma Baker
— with a piece of Benny-style graffitied advice, next to it.

Any other artists inspired by Sue? Email Erik Larsen.