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[On whether Sue might consider a showbiz comeback]

My two lovely kids, my son and my daughter, are quite grown up now; they're sort of late teenagers. And they haven't gone into showbiz, I'm quite pleased to say actually! But basically, I am a free agent now, and still lots of other things that I could do - just waiting for the offers to come in, basically!

[On what Benny might have thought about the Internet]

Benny was a man that would actually approve of anything that people would actually think of to improve the world and communication, and I know that Benny would have absolutely loved the Internet and the website industry. He'd believe that it would obviously help to connect people throughout the world, and it could do an awful lot of good. There obviously are some bad things that come about through the Internet, but we forget about them and just think about all the good it's actually done.

[On the possibility of an Angels' reunion]

I don't foresee in the future any Hill's Angels reunions: the girls have gone on to do other things, and unfortunately, the world's a big place and people move on, and we've actually lost contact with each other now. I think, you know, bearing in mind that Benny's actually been dead now ten years, people have moved on a great deal and it's really very hard to keep in touch with everyone. But obviously I appreciate that you keep in touch with who you want to, and I do keep in touch still with a few close friends from the show. And they always will be close friends, and we do make an effort to keep in touch.

[On Sue's current life]

Basically, I live quite a normal life. I have a very nice home and a family, which is out of the London area in the countryside, and I enjoy lots of normal things: I love eating out, I love cooking, I love animals - I actually have three tortoises, and I really - I think one of my fantastic jobs that I could ever think of doing, would actually be to present an animal program, and have the opportunity to travel to different countries, a little bit like a female version of that fantastic American guy called... [shuts off recorder]

[turns on recorder] ...Change the last little section, it was just a load of crap! [laughs] I'll start again... I think one of my main ambitions certainly job-wise, would be if I could be a presenter for an animal program. I would love the opportunity to travel around to different locations, and film, you know, various different animals in their natural surroundings. Maybe a little bit like a female version of that fantastic guy that I greatly admire, the Australian chappie called Steve Irvin. That would be my ultimate ambition. So if you're ever logging into this website, Steve, and you want any help in your Australian zoo, give me a, give me a call and I'll be on the next plane over.

[On possibly contributing to a forthcoming book, and her opinion of a prospective DVD of Angels routines]

I understand Thomas Amo is commissioned to write a book about Benny, and would I like to be interviewed? The answer is no, I'm afraid. I've done so many interviews on the life story of Benny Hill that I'm actually tired of doing them now, and don't really want to do any more.

I think it would be a marvelous idea for someone, if they had the interest, to get a DVD of Angels routines made up, over all the past years. I think it's a wonderful idea: I don't know why it hasn't been done already. I'm sure you would actually get the help and cooperation and the go-ahead, yes, from the girls concerned, because they would all - I'm sure they would all be in agreement, certainly those that could be contacted, to give the okay for the go-ahead. I don't see there'd be any problems at all - in fact, they'd be very honored.

[On Sue's present activities and typical day]

I don't really seem to have much spare time at the end of the day, because I just fill it up doing the things I enjoy. Firstly, I enjoy doing housework; I'm quite house-proud, and I do a lot of running around my two children, running them here, there and everywhere, so I act like a taxi service. But one's learned to drive and the other is learning, so I'll be a little bit more immobile in that case.

I love gardening: I have a very large garden at home and am very much into the garden and flowers, et cetera; I have got a few... assortment of different animals, and I have a lovely little Bichon Frise dog called Barney, and he's getting quite old now and he takes up quite a lot of my time, but he loves walkies and I take him to my local park, et cetera. I enjoy cycling, and I enjoy some forms of keep fit, but basically I'm a little bit lazy. I also have a friend that I help out from time to time, who's in real estate, and I've always been really interested in property and I really enjoy looking at lots of other different properties in the area, and generally help out as and when I'm required.

Apart from that, I have quite a large family and I, you know, fit them in between, and I have a husband, not to be forgotten about, and I love eating out, and generally lead quite a full, but fairly quiet life! I'm not really a great clubber, but I do enjoy going to discos, and I don't, unfortunately, like going into London much very more. I tend to prefer to be a bit of a person to stay at home, and I do enjoy watching the TV.


I feel very greatly honored to have been able to spend all this time with Sue, relaying questions from her fans and passing along her answers. Unfortunately, because of the number of questions that were asked, there wasn't time to ask follow-up questions concerning any of Sue's answers. Regardless of that, I hope this series of questions and answers has shed some more light on Sue's life, career, and her charming personality.

As I went through the process of transcribing Sue's answers, I couldn't help but remember Benny's appraisal of Sue, just after her audition, as having "a great twinkle." I can assure all of Sue's fans that the twinkle Benny spotted is definitely still there - not just in Sue's eyes, but in her mind and spirit as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Erik Larsen

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